What to Watch This Weekend - March 26, 2011

March 26, 2011 - 09:57 -- RokuGuide

What to Watch March 26, 2011The forecast here is for lots of rain this weekend, with some severe thunderstorms thrown in for fun. That means plenty of time to catch up on the latest Roku offerings. Here's what I'll be watching this weekend, along with some ideas for you to check out.

FlickStream recently launched FlickStream TV, a private channel that you won't find in the Roku Channel Store. If choosing a movie takes too much mental energy, tune into FlickStream TV and watch whatever they're streaming at the time. FlickStream TV promises lots of "Kung Fu with bad soundtrack synching, cheesy special effects thrillers, dim-witted comedies, little known documentaries and dramas that haven't seen play since the 60's." Visit the FlickStream TV website for instructions on subscribing to this free channel.

Lots of free, high-quality, independent films came to Roku this last week with the launch of the Inmoo channel. Some of the currently-featured films that I'll be watching are the thriller Crazy as Hell (2002), Raindogs (2004), and Eye See You (2002) with Sylvester Stallone.

Crackle has completely revamped their Roku channel with a new onscreen guide and boatloads of additional content. My recent article on Crackle Minisodes is already outdated as it looks like full-length episodes of classic TV series are now available on Roku as well as on the Crackle website. I'll do some Crackle surfing and report back next week with an updated channel review.

Of course I'll be checking the approach of the severe weather headed my way by periodically checking the Weather Underground channel, which I've personalized for local weather and radar.

Those are some of my picks for the weekend. If there are any particular channels you enjoy and want to bring to others' attention, go to the appropriate channel page on RokuGuide and leave a comment.