Roku Adds Ten Custom Themes to Channel Store

April 9, 2015 - 17:51 -- RokuGuide

Custom Roku ThemesIt was announced last year that Roku was opening up home screen themes to third-party developers. Although no third-party themes have been released since then, Roku has added ten custom themes of their own to the channel store, and they promise that more are on the way.

Themes, also known as "skins," change the look of your Roku's home screen by giving you different background graphics. Your menu layout and options won't change, but you can replace the bland purple herringbone-weave background with something more interesting. While previous options were limited to Graphene (gun-metal grey), Decaf (mocha brown), and Nebula (image of an interstellar object), the new themes are based on popular movies and TV series, hobbies, and pop culture.

Two of the themes are currently free, and the others range in price from $0.99 to $2.99 (one-time purchase). The highest-priced themes also include a companion screensaver. Here are the new themes (click on the theme titles for more information):

Custom Roku ThemesGame of Thrones Theme - Revolutionize your Roku background with scenery from Game of Thrones (free for a limited time)

House of Cards Theme - Sabotage your Roku background with Frank and Claire Underwood (free)

Fast & Furious Theme - Images from the Fast & Furious movie franchise

Beach Palms Roku Theme ScreenshotBeach Palms Theme - It will always be island time on your Roku with this custom background. Don't worry, be happy… ($0.99)

Adventure Time Theme - Let Jake and Finn take over your Roku background ($1.99)

Star Trek The Original Series Roku Theme ScreenshotStar Trek The Original Series - Boldly go where no Roku has gone before and transform your Roku background with scenery from Star Trek. Includes companion screen saver. ($2.99)

Star Trek The Next Generation - Transform your Roku background with scenery from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Includes companion screen saver. ($2.99)

The Grateful Dead Roku Theme ScreenshotThe Grateful Dead Theme - Alter your Roku background, and your state of mind, with classic icons from The Grateful Dead. ($1.99)

The Big Lebowski Theme - Channel your inner Dude. ($1.99)

Fish Fun Theme - Transform your Roku background into a scene from the deep blue sea. ($0.99)

If you add a theme through your Roku device, you will be prompted to set the theme after you install it. To change the theme later, or if you've added it through the Roku website, go to Settings >> Themes from your Roku's home screen to select your desired theme.

Visit Roku's blog for more information on these new Roku Themes.