Crackle Adds Queue Management

November 22, 2011 - 10:01 -- RokuGuide

CrackleIf you're having trouble managing the 209 movies currently offered on the Crackle Roku channel, the latest Crackle channel update has brought you some help. Crackle now lets registered users add movies to a queue for later watching. To use this new feature, you must first register at the website. You can then add movie titles to your queue through the website or through the Roku channel after you've logged in.

The addition of a queue isn't immediately obvious to Crackle users, as you have to scroll UP on the initial Crackle landing page to find the login option. Once you've logged in, you will remain logged in until you manually log out. If you have multiple Crackle watchers in your household, each person can create their own queue by registering their own e-mail address on

The queue currently works only for movies and movie clips. I don't know if this will change in the future, but for now, at least, you can't add any TV shows or Crackle Originals to your queue.

Keep in mind that you have to provide your birthdate and gender when registering, and movies added to your queue show up as public. It appears that Crackle intends to implement a social networking feature that lets you follow (and be followed by) other Crackle users. It does't look like you can view other users' profiles and queues yet, but be aware that if that function is turned on, every other Crackle user may be able to view your queue and list of films that you've already watched.

The latest Crackle channel update also added larger-format DVD cover artwork, search capabilities, and new movie collections. Crackle is currently featuring a movie collection called Psycho Bitch, which Crackle describes as "stalker roommates (Single White Female), coke-snorting mean girls (Cruel Intentions) and taut, busty serial killers (Wild Things 2)".

Crackle is still a free ad-supported channel. For more information, visit the Crackle channel page.