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TheBlaze TV Quick Look: Looking for GBTV? GBTV is now TheBlaze TV. It still provides Glenn Beck, but his two-hour show is no longer being produced. Instead, TheBlaze TV gives you a video broadcast of Beck's live radio program every weekday from 9am to 12pm ET. Here's the complete line-up of TheBlaze TV programming (descriptions courtesy of

  • Glenn Beck Radio Program - "Watch Glenn, Pat and Stu in the fully produced video broadcast of the radio program."
  • Pat & Stu - "After Glenn leaves, Stu & Pat take over the studio to host their own Show."
  • Liberty Treehouse - "With a strong emphasis on education, co-hosts Raj Nair and Lu Hanessian help young people and their parents re-discover the true joy of learning... Current events, history, science, adventure, music and the arts."
  • Glenn Beck Program - "Join Glenn as he offers more than just his opinion on the news of the day.. A mix of news, commentary, history, faith and so much more."
  • Real News from the Blaze - "News and analysis from the worlds of politics, national security, the economy, foreign policy, and whatever else impacts the lives of you and me with one motto: 'Truth has no agenda.'"
  • Wilkow! - "Wilkow's new show... will pick up where the mainstream media leaves off. He'll take the conversation one step further by telling you what's really going on behind each story and how it impacts you."
  • The B.S. of A. - "TheBlaze TV's chief humorist Brian Sack has been given a mandate: To stay objective, rational and witty as he views the news of the day through a nonpartisan lens."
  • Independence USA - "Preparing for the worst, one unbelievable project at a time. Follow Frank as he attempts to motivate a family that neither shares his fervor nor wishes to sacrifice the comforts and conveniences of 21st century life as they prepare for a life 'off the grid.'"
  • Documentaries - "TheBlaze TV's original documentaries dive deep into the stories being ignored by the media and go to the experts to put them into historical, global, and cultural context."

The schedule for the above shows is available at

-- Information is current as of September 7, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: TheBlaze TV is now the exclusive home of The Glenn Beck Program plus live news, info & entertainment that you'll never get from the mainstream media. TheBlaze TV is more than just a network - it's a movement! More info at

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