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Shalom TV

Shalom TV

RokuGuide Quick Look: Shalom TV is described on as "America's Jewish television cable network covering the panorama of Jewish life." On Roku, the Shalom TV channel airs a single live stream, which is said to be updated every Sunday with an entirely new programming lineup. According to, the following types of content are broadcast:

  • Jewish movies, Israeli films, and Yiddish classics.
  • English-language news from the Middle East with an Israeli perspective
  • Major Jewish activities, presentations, exhibitions, and performances.
  • Programs on the Jewish tradition, Kabbalah, Jewish history, Hebrew lessons, Jewish cooking, and other facets of Jewish life.
  • Children's programs that introduce young people to Jewish traditions, the Hebrew language, Jewish songs, and history of the Jewish people.

The Shalom TV schedule is available at

Developer's Channel Description: Shalom TV is a Jewish 'PBS-style' channel highlighting the people, issues and events of Jewish importance: news and information, Israel, Jewish studies, 92Y, children's programs, films, entertainment.

CHANNEL STORE CATEGORY: Religion & Spirituality


FEES: None

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