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RokuGuide Quick Look: (Note that this channel is a relaunch of NetFit TV, which was released in March 2012.)

Whatever type of workout you're looking for, NetFit has it. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your cardio, or sculpt those muscles, you'll be able to find videos that show you how to do it. NetFit video workouts are available in the following categories:

  • 90 Day Body Transformation - Full body muscle strength, tone and sculpt
  • Warm Up / Cool Down - Routines to start and end your workout with
  • Weight Loss Challenge - A 12-week program, with videos provided for each two week period
  • Fit Over 60 - "An 8-week course to get you in shape, decrease joint pain and improve your fitness."
  • Pilates and Yoga Plan - An 8-week plan to "increase core strength, flexibility, and focus on inner self."
  • Cardio Plan - Eight weeks of cardio workouts that change every two weeks.
  • Weight Gain Plan - "Loaded with muscle conditioning workouts to ensure maximum gains."
  • Bootcamp - "A muscle and cardio conditioning workout."
  • Muscle Sculpt - Videos are available for full body,lower body, and upper body workouts.
  • Kickboxing - Two full-body kickboxing workouts.
  • Step - Two cardio workouts designed to burn body fat.
  • Yoga - Ten yoga workouts to improve flexibility, balance, deep breathing, and focus.
  • Pilates - Ten mind/body workouts with dumbbells and an optional exercise ball.
  • Core - Workouts to strengthen your core.

You must be a paid subscriber to watch the videos, but all Roku users can browse video titles and descriptions without linking their Roku device to a NetFit account. You can also get a free preview of this channel's content on the NetFit Free channel.

Subscribers also have access to Web resources that include customized workout plans, a weekly blog covering nutrition, cooking, and fitness, and a customized profile page for tracking your progress.

-- Information is current as of March 29, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: Subscribe Today at and get a Commercial-Free experience! That's right - NO COMMERCIALS. And, get access to all the workouts online and on other Smart TV devices. Customized Workout Plans, Trainer Support and Real Results.



FEES: $9.00 monthly subscription or $84 annual subscription.

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