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Jewish Life Television

Jewish Life TelevisionRokuGuide Quick Look:The Jewish Life Television (JLTV) is a collection of several different shows and features all focused around the Jewish faith. The list of shows include:

  • James and Sunda
  • Kosher Organic Ranchero
  • JLTV Live
  • 19th Maccabaih Games
  • J-Report with Brad Pomerance
  • Main Street with Phil Blazer
  • Chutzpah, hosted by Scott Rubin
  • Israel Today
  • The John Kerwin Show
  • Feed Me Bubbe
  • Miracles and Meals with Joanne Caras
  • Making a Difference with Todd Morgan
  • One Community
  • From Pound to the Penthouse, Celebrities and their rescued pets

-- Information is current as of November 7, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Jewish Life Television (JLTV) is dedicated to the development and distribution of high-quality Jewish-themed content that communicates the culture, history, tradition, and values of the Jewish people to diverse audiences across America and around the world.

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CHANNEL STORE CATEGORY: Religion & Spirituality


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