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RokuGuide Review: Sorry, but this is not the cable version of Fox News Channel. There are too many advertising dollars at stake for FNC to be streamed live to your Roku any time soon. Live is a five-hour newscast that streams live every weekday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm ET. Also available at its original home,, Fox News has developed this channel to allow viewing on the Roku. However, while the full broadcast is available on the web after it's aired, the Roku channel only streams the entire newscast as a live feed. Outside of the 9am-3pm ET window, you'll have to settle for selected segments from previously-aired shows.

If you haven't watched the Live webcast, you may find it similar to your local morning news/talk shows. You will see anchors from the real Fox News Channel, but you'll also find some not-ready-for-prime-time talent. They're far above what you get on local public access cable channels, but you won't always find the polish and choreography that you get on Good Morning America or similar shows. offers a mix of news and commentary interspersed with celebrity interviews, musical artists performing songs off their latest albums, and authors pushing their latest books. This being a Fox News production, there are also guest appearances from big-name Fox faces such as Lou Dobbs.

I would like to see Fox offer full-show replay outside of the live window, as they do on their website. I find the broadcast to be good background entertainment, but I'm working when the broadcast is available on the Roku. If you like the morning news/talk shows and you're near your Roku during the live broadcast hours, then you'll probably find Live a worthwhile addition to your Roku channel lineup. But if you're looking for Fox News Channel cable shows, you'll need to check out Fox News on Roku Newscaster.

Developer's Channel Description: Your news, streaming live every weekday 9am-3pm ET. Watch our Fox News Reporters cover the latest headlines and stories you care about. Plus - Get in depth discussion from our political panels where you can join in via social media, email or chat.


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