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Acorn TV

Acorn TV

RokuGuide Quick Look: Acorn TV offers viewers up to 10 seasons of 10 British television shows. Two new episodes of each show are added each week, and the two oldest episodes are removed. You must be a paid subscriber to have access to all available programming but Acorn TV offers several options to try before you buy. You can get a free 30-day trial by entering your e-mail address on the Roku from within the Acorn TV channel. Registered users can watch the first episode of each series, while all Roku users can browse throughout the channel and see all available content and watch one-minute clips. All Roku channels should offer preview options like these.

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The following TV series are available on Acorn TV, with series descriptions from the Acorn TV website:

  • Midsomer Murders - "The cozy villages of Midsomer County reveal their most sinister secrets in these contemporary British television mysteries. Inspired by the novels of Caroline Graham, modern master of the English village mystery."
  • Touching Evil - "Like Law & Order, this long-running British detective series follows cases from crime to courts. Brusque detective Michael Walker collars London’s killers and viewers are left to decide if justice was served."
  • Queer as Folk - "The original UK television phenomenon that inspired the American remake, this groundbreaking, award-winning series celebrates gay culture—openly, often hilariously, and with no apologies."
  • Upstairs, Downstairs - "The most popular British drama series in TV history won 7 Emmys®, a Golden Globe, and a Peabody."
  • Blue Murder - "Detective Chief Inspector Janine Lewis has her hands full chasing bad guys and being a busy mum. Caroline Quentin stars as a woman with two challenging jobs—heading a police team that probes Manchester’s most gruesome murders, and raising four children on her own."
  • The Last Detective - "Detective Constable “Dangerous” Davies is gentle, old-fashioned, and decent—even when drunk. But these qualities only earn the scorn of his colleagues, and his boss tells him he’s the last detective he would assign to a major crime-solving mission. Dangerous muddles on, and with the help of his friend Mod proves the merits of his dogged method."
  • Lillie - "In a time when women were expected to be docile and demure, Lillie Langtry posed for celebrity endorsements, managed her own business affairs, and openly entertained a string of lovers, including the Prince of Wales."
  • Agatha Christie's Marple - "Geraldine McEwan is Dame Agatha’s spinster sleuth—proper, demure, and sharp as a tack—in sparkling new adaptations of classic Christie novels. These 21st-century productions are rich in post-WWII period atmosphere."
  • Murdoch Mysteries - "Cutting-edge Victorian science meets cunningly plotted mystery in this award-winning Canadian TV drama. William Murdoch is a detective in Toronto in 1895, using new forensic techniques like fingerprinting and psychological profiling. He crosses paths with famous figures including Arthur Conan Doyle, Houdini, Buffalo Bill Cody, and H.G. Wells."

Developer's Channel Description:View full episodes of the best British TV streaming 24/7 without commercials, on demand, with new seasons rotated in every week. If you're not a member, sign up now for a FREE 30-day trial!



FEES: $49.99/year or $4.99/month

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