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A&ERokuGuide Quick Look: The A&E Roku channel offers access to full episodes and clips of 44 A&E TV shows, including popular titles like Hoarders, Intervention, Duck Dynasty, The First 48, Flip This House, and Storage Wars. Unlike most Roku offerings from cable channels, all Roku users are able to view a large library of "unlocked" videos.

For full access, however, you will need to subscribe to a participating cable TV service. Unfortunately for many people, none of the large national cable or satellite providers will allow access to A&E's full video-on-demand library. The participating cable providers, which are listed at, appear to be smaller local and regional providers. Missing are Comcast, Verizon, AT&T Uverse, and similar-sized providers.

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-- Information is current as of December 21, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: Duck Dynasty. Storage Wars. Bates Motel. Now you can watch your favorite A&E shows on Roku. The A&E app is a great new way to access full episodes and clips from all that A&E has to offer. A&E content is only available to stream in the United States.

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I was excited to see that A&E was on my Roku. Disappointed when I saw that my cable provider wasn't listed so that I may catch up on my shows when I missed them. Should have went with my first thought and Dvr'ed. Sucks...

Crappy App

the big players are absent. No Dish, Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Verizon, AT&T, Charter, Cablevision or Bright House. DirecTV isn't on the list for Roku either (only for Xbox) so of the ten biggest paid TV providers exactly zero are participating

Big Broadcasting Corps Ruin This.

Purchased a Roku 1 & 3 for my two tvs at home. Get rid of DirectTV because I wasn't using it enough. So I've been surfing through Roku and I'm very happy with my purchase. Just tried the A&E channel and was sad to see it doesn't have just a live stream with like Hulu, Netflix or Crackle. I do have no cable at this house just a digital antenna that's gets a few fuzzy channels. I do pay cable at another place but that's with Brighthouse and TWC. Both do not allow me to watch this app. :( How sad that they would not jump at this? You may say why does that matter? Brighthouse has the WORST service I've ever had in terms of tv! There service always has issues. From loss of channels one day to no on demand service working. So you would think I could switch service? Lol. That would be too easy... They have own all the cable rights in my area and no other service will come to install, and yes I've tried! I guess I'll just read in envy of those who can get this service. :(

Great job roku and for all

Great job roku and for all you ppl complaining I was you cable is to much so I got smart went to radio shack bout a antenna for $140 and I get all the channels I could want and no monthly bill one time deal so go buy a good antenna like I did and boom you'll have your tv and no monthly bill once again good job roku!

Sooooo what was the name of

Sooooo what was the name of the antenna??


I'm disappointed that I have to have a provider to watch A&E and History channel. I cut the cable because I couldn't afford it any longer. What really doesn't make sense to me is that I am able to stream A&E and History on my iPad app or watch by going to their web site. Guess I will just have to continue doing that. Would have been nice to be able to do the same thing by using my ROKU.

ROKU and A&E

I agree with anonymous completely. It seems to me if you have an internet account with the provider that should be sufficient considering what they charge for the internet account. I also cut the cable tv as I was tired of being drained financially!!! I have no intent of going back to them. They sucker you in for a yr or two and then continue to raise prices on old customers while they offer decent prices to the new customers.....

so I can't view without cable

So is there no way to view these channels if I do not have a cable provider? i have to be honest, that was a major appeal for me in purchasing roku... will be looking into my return/refund options :(

Please add AT&T uVerse

Please add AT&T uVerse as a provider. I would like to be able to unlock more video episodes.

You'll have to take that up

You'll have to take that up with AT&T Uverse. It's their decision to allow access or not.

Cord Cutter

The best thing I ever did was get rid of satellite TV, and purchase a Roku, I love it!!
Thanks roku for all you do, and your hard work bring us great apps. I love the Christmas gifts, A&E, History channel, and Lifetime, I tell all my friends, about roku.

Lifetime, A&E, and History Channel

Just wanted to give a positive shout out, don't understand all the haters- there's now 3 channels worth of viewing content you didn't have all ruin it for the rest of us who really appreciate being able to watch favorite shows for free.

So thanks Roku, this is awesome- it's like a Christmas present! Really enjoying the content and I know you'll keep chipping away at Charter internet for me so they'll unlock the rest..after all, you slayed YOUTUBE at last!! LOL you think you could talk TLC and Bravo into the same sweet deal??? (couldn't hurt to ask HAHA)


How utterly ridiculous is it to have a Roku app to watch a program if you already have the station through a cable subscription. I was so dissapointed to find this makes no sense!!!


WHat a waste.

Not ridiculous why would u

Not ridiculous why would u get A&E on your roku if u have it on ur cable channels 2 begin with? Those channels r provided for us unfortunate ones that live where we can't get cable I've waited a long time for this channel for the Roku the reason u have to have a cable subscription is to view all clips 4 that program roku only provides some like on 48 hours some clips can't b watched without a subscription I'm happy with what ones I can watch

I do not have a provider for

I do not have a provider for my Roku, because I got rid of cable. So I guess that I can't watch the first 48 hrs without it. What is your reason for putting it on Roku? I'm really pissed, because you actually didn't do us a favor by adding A&E


The reason I have purchased the Roku box is because I have an HD tv in another room and my provider is Direct TV. I pay way too much for tv with them but I chose Roku as a way to get quality signal to the other room without my montly bill increasing. However AE is not going to work due to the reason listed above. I share your frustration.

replying to ridiculous

Isn't it terrible? I mean, we got this to save money. We can't even watch Fox on it without buying cable. And that's a free channel for crying out loud! When will they understand we're all tired of those heavy monthly bills from cable and satellite. I thought this was going to do better for people.

As the article stated, this

As the article stated, this Roku app provides on-demand access to full videos of past episodes of all of the A&E shows. If you're happy watching only what happens to be on the cable channel at the moment, you don't need this app, but many people prefer to pick the show they want to watch. The A&E cable channel doesn't let you pick which show and episode to watch.

No you can not watch past episodes...

...on this app....I set it up..used the code it provided...I went to try and watch a PAST episode and when I hit said I wasnt authorized to watch this...

If you subscribe to a

If you subscribe to a participating cable provider and followed the instructions to confirm that, including signing in through your cable provider's website, then you should have full access. If it's not giving you access, contact Roku Support at

Cable provider

If you already have a cable provider you don't need ROKU. The purpose for getting ROKU is to rid yourself of the costly provider!!!

Through my cable provider I

Through my cable provider I have internet and phone...does it matter that I dont have an actual cable TV subscription?

Yes, it does. The

Yes, it does. The availability of the full video library on Roku is a "bonus" for those who already pay for A&E through their cable TV service. If you aren't already paying for A&E through cable TV, they will only let you watched the unlocked videos. That's a decision made by A&E and the cable providers.

cable channels

How stupid is this? If I had cable or satellite in the first place, I wouldn't need to stream this channel to a Roku. I have a Roku so I don't have to pay for satellite.

Yeah it doesn't work for me.

Yeah it doesn't work for me. I guess the point of getting a Roku is to move the signal you're already paying for to another TV. ..or to shop among things you paid for in the past but didn't record. Google sells a $35 dollar widget called a Chromecast which picks up TV content online. Like Roku you have to pay for it. What might be best is to Join Amazon Prime which unlocks some video for you (like all six seasons of "Rescue Me" and stream it from your phone or computer to the TV using the Chrome cast. My sister likes the Roku so I know some people find it to be useful.

It's not stupid at all for

It's not stupid at all for someone like me who wants to choose what to watch instead of turning on the TV and having no choice other than what A&E decides to show at the moment. If you had cable or satellite and you were happy watching nothing other than what the networks are showing, then you don't need the app.

Personally, I think A&E is doing its subscribers a big favor by allowing them to access this video library. However, not all of the cable providers agree, as the big guys (AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, etc.) aren't allowing their customers to access this content.

I agree its not stupid at

I agree its not stupid at all, especially if you are saving more than $100 a month. You can apply it to something else or build up your savings.


What could you be saving if you have to subscribe to a cable company. Because just a basic service wouldnt include a&e. So you still couldnt watch it on the roku.

Not Of Much Use

You'll need to be a subscriber to an obscure television service provider.

"all Roku users are able to

"all Roku users are able to view a large library of "unlocked" videos". There are a lot of videos available to everyone.

Will the unlocked videos stay

Will the unlocked videos stay free? What epusodes are locked?

Basically, you have access to

Basically, you have access to the first season's first episode and that's it. You get access to "sneak peeks" as well. Just have to wait as the whole tv revolution progresses. At least they made it to this point. Just waiting for them to hop on the monthly pay fee like a lot of other channels are going to. I am sure their advertisers are holding them back from that.

Congress is thinking about

Congress is thinking about rewriting the communications laws. One of the things John McCain and others have been pushing is "A La Carte" purchasing of Channels. Meaning you could pay a fee for access to just the ones you like so that big cable companies couldn't force you to subscribe to their whole list just to get the two channels you watch. We should probably tell our Senators/Reps that we want that. If that passes, we might be able to get more targeted access to the things we want through Roku without being forced to watch the things we don't want to.

Over the air TV works absolutely great, by the way, for the three networks and you'll find some minor channels being broadcast that your cable provider didn't choose to include. It'll cost you about $300 to $400 to do it right (be sure to ground your outdoor antennas) but it's free after that. Better, clearer HD than your cable provider can give you. Yes, the networks are full of violence, sadism, soft porn, lots of shows for gays, etc. Not safe for children, for sure. But if you still tune into the "public" airwaves to get your news or whatever it's a good way to go. At least with free access to the networks you get what you pay for. (LOL)


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