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SugarDVD Brings Adult Films to Roku


SugarDVD Offers Adult Films on RokuYou won't find it in the Channel Store, but SugarDVD, a newly-launched private Roku channel, now brings full-length adult films to the Roku. Following the Netflix business model, SugarDVD, reportedly the largest online renter of adult DVDs, launched the SugarDVD channel to stream adult films to customers who receive DVDs by mail.

The SugarDVD channel offers unlimited streaming at no extra charge to customers on all DVD rental plans. Rental plans start at $9.95 per month and include one DVD checked out at a time in addition to unlimited streaming to your Roku. Step up to the $17.95 per month plan and you get a 10-day free trial.

SugarDVD launched with 28 full-length adult films in five categories, including Amateur, College, and All-Girl. That's far short of the 72 categories and thousands of DVDs available for rental, but it's been reported that new films are to be added monthly.

SugarDVD Offers Adult Films on RokuRoku, so far, has dodged the touchy subject of streaming porn by not publishing any adult content channels in the public Channel Store, but allowing it over private channels. Adult content is available on DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T Uverse,and most major cable carries, so it's to be expected that adult content would eventually be available on Roku.

To access SugarDVD on your Roku, you will first need to select a plan and sign up on the website. After your account is activated, you will add the private channel through The SugarDVD channel will appear on your Roku within a few minutes. Select a movie and an on-screen code will appear. Return to your Web browser and enter that code on the website. The SugarDVD channel will then be activated on your Roku. Complete instructions are presented when you establish your SugarDVD account.


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it's not advertised and you have to already be a member in order to get the channel. If you go to the Sugardvd website it shows how to get the channel. Otherwise you would not know about it.

Roku Porn

I am against Roku carrying Porn. I read that this is where Roku is going and most of the channels will eventually be porn. The Roku is a great product. Why not be a leader instead of a follower and abandon porn even though the competition stoops to carry this stuff?

If you don't like porn then

If you don't like porn then don't down load it or watch it is any body twisting your arm

Its a matter of choice and freedom

Perhaps what you like many don't, choices are like elbows ans ? everybody has one ,not everyone is satisfied with everything. If you don't pic them, put parental lock if minors is the case , if any kids. they wont show up on your screen, just like computers they show up by the thousands, keep kids away or don't watch them ,I suppose you use a computer, its worst even the smart phones.

Re: Roku Porn

Perhaps you should move to a country that represses your rights. Preferably one where they repress your right to vote because I certainly don't want you in my country trying to limit my right to choose what I want to watch in the privacy of my own home.

Well, you can choose not not

Well, you can choose not not watch it, then. But don't try to control what everyone watches because you have sexual problems. Where did you read that ridiculous notion that porn was going to take over Roku? Perhaps you should change your reading material....

Movies Added Daily

Sugar has been adding movies daily since the channel went live.

what genres?

What genres has SugarDVD been adding? Any TS porn yet?


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