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The Jack and Holly Channel

Two of the UK's most lovable animated characters inform, educate, and entertain pre-schoolers


RokuGuide Channel Description: Jack and Holly is an animated series from the UK that was developed for toddlers, children, and parents. Designed to be both educational and entertaining, the series revolves around two best friends learning about the world around them.

The Jack and Holly Channel on Roku offers seven full-length shows ranging from 20 minutes to nearly an hour in length:

    Jack and Holly
  • Jack and Holly's Cosmic Stories Movie - "Learn all about the sun, the stars and the universe with Jack and Holly. Great fun for inquisitive little minds." 57m
  • Jack and Holly's Festive Jukebox - "Get into the holiday spirit with Jack and Holly PLUS The Treetop Sisters with an exclusive look at their new Christmas single. Great fun for festive little minds." 35m
  • Jack and Holly's Christmas Countdown 2013 - "New version for Christmas 2013! Learn all about the magic of Christmas with Jack and Holly. Great fun for festive little minds." 56m
  • The Treetop Sisters - "Jack and Holly's new best friends: The Treetop Sisters" 21m
  • Totally Safe - "Life has its little dangers - especially for inquisitive little minds. These fun cartoons help them avoid sticky situations." 26m
  • The Bubblies - The classic children's ITV series - back again for your little ones' enjoyment." 30m
  • Totally Safe Fireworks Special - "It's that time of year when firewors excite kids of all ages... so let's help them become aware of the dangers as well as the delights."
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-- Channel information current as of December 2, 2013

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