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ZoneOutTV-HD Quick Look: If you want to add some interest to your blank TV screen but none of the available Roku screensavers appeal to you, or you prefer video over animation and photos, ZoneOutTV provides you with an alternative. And it brings the added dimension of sound, which Roku doesn't allow on screensavers.

ZoneOutTV is a collection of nature, wildlife, and urban videos that will play for about one to two hours each, or that can be set to loop continuously. The Nature category offers ten videos with themes such as Lazy Sunday Pier, Sunrise Lagoon, Mountain Stream, and Spring Shower. "Critters" has six offerings that include Butterfly Koi, Dairy Land, and The Bees & Birds. In the Urban category, you can choose from seven locations, such as Yu Yuan Garden, Tuscan Fountain, Boston Harbor, and Marina Playland.

For a preview, install the free ZoneOutTV channel or visit the ZoneOutTV website.

-- Information is current as of November 8, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: The premium version of the popular free ZoneOutTV adds HD streaming and special features to our expanding collection of video ambiances. Enjoy, relax, decorate or even sleep with ZoneOutTV HD. Preview the channel at ZoneOutTV and thank you.

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FEES: $2.99 per month subscription

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