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Yuvi Story Aerobics for Kids

Quick Look: Join Yuvi, a magical being that is in search of Zorkus, an evil wizard with an ice cold heart. Zorkus has stolen all of the toys in the world and Yuvi is on a quest to return them all to their rightful owners. The purpose of this channel is to get kids moving and exercising by mimicking the actions of Yuvi.

This subscription-based version of the channel offers 10 full-length videos, as opposed to the free version offering one 9-minute episode and an 18-second trailer for another.

Below is a short video from the Yuvi Story Aerobics YouTube Channel.

-- Information is current as of November 27, 2015

Developer's Channel Description:Yuvi Story Aerobics for kids is an incredibly fun and entertaining way for kids to become more active. The ten part series was developed in collaboration with people who have years of experience in the field of sports

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FEES: Monthly Subscription rate of $3.99

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