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Your Photo FeedSORRY - Your Photo Feed is no longer available in the Roku Channel Store.

Quick Look: The Roku channel Your Photo Feed was named Facebook until mid-March 2017. It long suffered from issues that included spotty access to friends' photo and video feeds, and it never did allow posting to or reading newsfeeds. The channel does seem to show your own photos without a hitch, though - hence the new name.

To get started, you will need to link the channel to your Roku account. When you launch the channel on your Roku, you will be shown a code that must be entered at (You will need to be logged into your Facebook account.) Enter the code and the channel should refresh in just a few seconds.

The channel's home screen lets you set options (described below) or select one of four viewing options:

  • My Photos - Photos are shown under the categories that include Timeline Photos, Mobile Uploads, Profile Pictures, and Cover Photos. Also shown are the albums you created in Facebook. Missing are photos of you uploaded by others, which are shown in Facebook under "Photos of You."

    Select a photo using the directional arrows on your remote, then press the OK button to show the photo full screen. Click the down arrow on your remote to pull up the option to show or hide comments. When shown, you will see everyone's comments on the left side of the screen and your caption on the bottom of the screen. Usernames are not shown, though, so you won't see who made each comment.

    Use your remote's left and right arrow buttons to scroll through all of the photos in a category, or press the play button to watch the photos as a slideshow.

  • My Videos - I can't say anything about this category because I have not uploaded any videos to Facebook. Videos shared from other sources are not listed here.
  • Friends Photos - This category's main screen list your friends, so you will be browsing friends' photos by individual friend, not as a group. If you have a lot of friends, you will have to check every one of them for new photos - it would be more efficient if there was a category that included photos from all friends by date. But this is a problem in theory only, as the channel lists only four of my FB friends, and no photos less than six months old are shown (except for profile pictures). Again... the name of the channel was changed to "Your Photo Feed," not "Your Friends' Photo Feeds."

    If you want to see friends' photos that are 6+ months old, you'll find them arranged similarly to your own feed, under Mobile Uploads, Profile Pictures, Timeline Photos, and album name.

  • Friends Videos - While Friends Photos category allows viewing of photos only by friend name, your friends' videos are all available here, sorted under "this week", "last week", and "older". There are no options to sort or filter by name.

There are only two customization options under Settings on the channel's home screen. You can select how long to view each photos when you're viewing your photos as a slideshow (select from 5, 10, 15, or 30 seconds using the left and right arrows on your remote), and you can specify whether the channel should launch with the home screen, with My Photos, or with Friends Photos. You can also add another FB user or log out of your FB account from the Settings screen.

You can also use Your Photo Feed as a screensaver. To set that up, you will have to exit the Facebook channel and go to the Settings option on the main Roku screen. Select the Screensavers option, then select "Your Photo Feed" as the screensaver. Click on Custom Settings and select either Friends Profile Photos (do you really want a slideshow of your friends' profile photos to be shown on your TV?!?) or My Photos.

Developer's Channel Description: Enjoy photos & videos from the people in your life right on your TV. View photos & videos in full-screen from your feed, profile and friends.

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SORRY - Your Photo Feed is no longer available in the Roku Channel Store.