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VolumeTV Network Quick Look: VolumeTV is self-described as "an online and television content production company. VolumeTV is based in Maryland and packed with real life stories, interviews with top artist, bands and personalities from all music genres."

VolumeTV's Roku channel offers video on demand in the categories of Original Series, Indy Movies, and Music Videos. The channel also has a livestream broadcast and an area for contest from channel sponsors.

The Original Series category includes Student Body, a series about college life; VolumeTV Comedy Corner, featuring performances by two comedians; a radio interview; and NightVibe, an urban music show from South Korea. The Indy Movies category currently offers one 12-minute short two longer films. Music Videos includes a small selection of titles in the rap & hip hop, R&B, Pop, and indy & alternative genres.

-- Information is current as of November 8, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: VolumeTV is an internet based tv network that features original series, movies and other ground breaking programming. VolumeTV has both live stream and VOD sections. TUNE IN and TURN IT UP you are now watching VolumeTV.

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