VODWiz Quick Look: VODWiz is a pay-per-view channel offering movies from DVD distributor Hannover House. Roku users can browse all titles and watch a short preview of each movie, but only after creating a free account (your full name, e-mail address, and zip code are required). Create an account and you will be rewarded with one free movie rental. You can create an account through the Roku channel or on the VODWiz website.

I was never able to log into the website-created account on the Roku, so I recreated the account through my Roku and successfully logged in. The verification e-mail from the Roku-created account referred to my account being created in the testing database, so I suspect the Roku channel and the website are not yet fully integrated.

Assuming you've created an account and have been able to login, you can now watch your free movie. After using the freebie, when you select "play" on another movie you will be prompted to create a six-digit PIN, and will then be prompted to enter a credit card number for payment. I did not proceed past this point, so I can't tell you whether your credit card information is stored, or whether you have to re-enter it for every purchase. The website lists your past purchases but has no other information regarding payment.

For that matter, I couldn't find any information on rental terms, including how long a rental lasts. The website is definitely a work-in-progress (or should be), as it provides zero information about this channel. The website also links to a non-working vanity code for installing the Roku channel, so you will need to use the correct link below or add VODWiz directly from the Roku Channel Store.

Enough about creating accounts, here is what you'll find for rental: 65 movies in the categories of Action, Family, Drama, Sports, Documentary, Martial Arts, Spiritual, Comedy, Horror, and Music. Although incomplete, some of the available Hannover House titles can be found at www.hannoverhouse.com/alltitles.html.

-- Information is current as of August 3, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: VODWiz provides customers with video on demand pay per view selections from the Hannover House collection of movies.

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DEVELOPER: NanoTech Media Corp.

FEES: All videos are pay per view. Rental is $1.99 - $2.99 per video.

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