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USB Screen Saver

USB Screen Saver

Quick Look: The USB Screen Saver app allows you to display your own photos as a screensaver on your TV when your Roku is idle. The only catch is that you must have a Roku model with a USB drive.

If you meet that requirement, just drop photos from your hard drive onto a thumb drive, plug it into your Roku USB port, and set up the USB Screen Saver app as your screensaver. The app supports images in the JPG, GIF, and PNG formats.

If you haven't set up a screensaver yet, here's how you do it: from the Screensavers & Apps category in the Roku Channel Store, add the USB Screen Saver app. Return to the main menu, go to Settings, and select Screensaver. Using the left and right directional arrows on your remote, select "USB Screen Saver", set customs settings if you like, then save.

There is only one custom setting available, and that allows you to have all photos display in the same size or vary the size. In my testing of this app, though, photos displayed in varying sizes regardless of which setting was selected. Also, the aspect ratio of the displayed photos didn't always match that of the original photo. Instead of cropping photos, they were distorted to fit into the size selected by the app.

Unfortunately, there is no option to display full-screen photos or to vary the speed at which photos cycle through. An individual photo appears in random location on the screen for about five to ten seconds, then disappears. After a second or two, another photo appears in another location. Sometimes a photo will load at one size then immediately jump to a different size. However, this is a screensaver, and the app performs that function. If you're looking for a slideshow app, try the Roku Media Player app instead.

Developer's Channel Description: Displays pictures in your USB in a screen saver format. Go ahead and put some pictures (from your camera, iPhone, flip, etc.) on a USB stick, plug it into Roku and enjoy them on your big screen. If no USB, no worries, a default screen saver is shown.

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