Quick Look: UltraFlix claims to have the world's largest library of streaming 4K content. A recent press release announces that "[w]ith a combination of native 4K digital titles, 4K film scanning, high-quality scaling techniques and a dedicated team of video artists, UltraFlix has successfully amassed a selection of Hollywood hits from major studios such as Paramount, MGM, Millennium, Magnolia and Warner, award-winning documentaries made for IMAX theatres, hot new TV series from A&E Networks and stunning time-lapse motion art from top independent producers from around the globe."

4K-quality TV shows and movies available on UltraFlix include The Terminator, Star Trek, Mission Impossible, The Godfather, Transformers, GI Joe, Gladiator, World War Z, and IMAX thrillers. To get this content, you will need a Roku 4 or a 4K TV from select manufacturers. Support for Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Google Play, and Apple TV is said to be coming soon.

Here are number of videos you'll currently find under each genre or category in the "world's largest library" of 4K content; all videos are $4.99 for 48-hour rental unless otherwise noted below:

  • Action - 53 titles
  • Science - Fiction 35 titles
  • Comedy - 79 titles
  • Drama - 69 titles
  • Family - 8 titles
  • Classic Cinema - 21 titles
  • Horror - 36 titles
  • Mystery/Thriller - 35 titles
  • Music and Performance - 12 titles
  • Romance - 31 titles
  • Mafia and Crime Drama - 28
  • Sports - 9 titles
  • TV Series - 7 episodes from Season 1 of Resident Advisor ($1.99 per episode for 48-hour rental)
  • Documentary - 3 titles
  • Armada TV - 20 music videos from Armada Music (free)

To browse the titles on your Roku, you will need to sign up for a free account. Only your name and e-mail address are required. You can sign up through the Roku channel, but I never received a confirmation e-mail and had to re-register with a different e-mail address on the UltraFlix website, then log into the channel with that account. Although the website includes a link to the 4K library that lets you browse online with registering, only the Featured, New Releases, 49ers Documentaries, and Action films are listed. For the full library, you must create an account and browse through the Roku channel.

-- Information is current as of December 4, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: The world's largest selection of 4K Content

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DEVELOPER: NanoTech Entertainment, Inc.

FEES: Free account; music videos are free, TV series are $1.99 per episode for 48-hour rental, feature-length films are $4.99 for 48-hour rental.

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