Quick Look: Treasures is a seek and capture based game. You are the commander of a small submarine and your mission is to collect as much treasure and capture as many species of fish as possible in the allotted time. There are special items that can be collected along the way to freeze the fish, shoot nets to capture them and collect bonuses. At the conclusion of each level you are given a summery of how well you did or did not do, before moving on to the next level.
There is more to the game, but to be honest I did not have time to dig deep into all of the facets. The game is a one time purchase of $0.99, and personally I think it is worth the dollar.

Please read the following information before adding/subscribing the channel:
This game requires an enhanced gaming remote (Roku 3 remote) in order to play,
It is recommended that you install a MicroSD Card to avoid having to load the game each time you want to play
-- Information is current as of June 29, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: A bubble popping, treasure finding, puzzle matching adventure that will keep you entertained for weeks.This one is great on the go or right at your fingertips. Hey, what are you waiting for? For any questions regarding Treasures, please contact

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DEVELOPER: Combustion Games

FEES: One Time Purchase $0.99