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Travel Savvy TV

Quick Look: Travel Savvy TV offers two viewing options. TSTV features "experts in cities around the world sharing favorite places for just about anything you'd like to experience." We Hear "is dedicated to bringing you the latest 'news, notes and deals' for the travel industry." Neither provide any categories other than "Recently Added" and "Popular" - which are identical - but the Recently Added category lists all videos in chronological order, with the data added shown in each video description.

TSTV currently offers nearly two dozen videos with titles that include Best Burgers in NYC, Amazing Skiing in Park City, Hats and Thrift Shops in NYC, and Best Asian Restaurants in the U.S. There is a heavy emphasis on NYC and on burgers in this video library.

We Hear has the same number of videos, with topics that include "Boeing's Big Plans + NCL's Mexican Adventure," "London Theater Scene," "Cataline Wine Mixer," and "Summer in the Big Apple."

According to the developer the channel offers travel advice from both travel experts and locals alike. However, I found the channel to have a much different feel and format. The videos that are hosted by Paula Keung feel more like a narrated commercial/news report than an actual travel video. All of the videos are presented in an autoplay format and include commercial interruptions.

-- Information is current as of January 15, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Travel Savvy TV knows local! Travel Savvy features experts in cities around the world sharing favorite places for dining, shopping, sight seeing, things to do, and more. We ask locals to tell us their favorite and best picks for categories like hamburgers, Chinese food, ice cream, vintage shops, wine bars, parks, food trucks, iconic landmarks, boutique hotels, nail salons, tea salons, the list goes on! We spend our day researching, creating, culling, cutting and producing lists for our many travel clients. Travel Savvy TV brings interesting and engaging local knowledge to your screen. Watch one then watch another and another. Don’t worry about writing anything down or cutting and pasting because everything you’ve just viewed is listed right below each video. Watch and enjoy!

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