Sushi Match Fun

Quick Look: The premise of Sushi Match Fun is to keep your customers happy by supplying them with an endless feast of sushi combos. This is achieved by moving columns or rows of sushi items Up/Down or Left/Right with your Roku remote arrow keys.(Push the OK button to switch from Up/Down to Left/Right).

The columns or rows only move if there is a match. To create a match you must line up at least 3 in a row either vertically or horizontally, link more than 3 and earn bonuses. Another way to earn bonuses is to create a "chain". This happens when you are able to line up multiple matches.

The game has 2 play modes, Hungry and Happy. The Happy mode is a much slower paced game that will continue as long as you want to play. I did notice if you took too long to make a move columns would start to tremble. The Hungry mode is for advanced servers only. This mode requires quick reflexes and decision making. Your customers are waiting for you to create matches, make them wait too long and they start to leave one by one until the restaurant is empty and the game is over.

In either mode, once you have gained enough experience you may start to unlock hidden bonuses and earn awards for your service. The game is a one time purchase of $0.99 and does not require you to purchase any additional items like some other games.

-- Information is current as of August 17, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: You've got a bar full of hungry customers and they are all depending on you to deliver their sushi fix. Fill their plates using combos, chains, and multi-chain dishes by matching three or more of these colorful tasty treats and soon your customers will be throwing money your way! If you've got the skills you can unlock hidden sushi secrets, earn awards and master this ancient culinary art. Let's see if you can keep your customers in their seats.

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DEVELOPER: Combustion Games

FEES: One Time Purchase of $0.99