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Spud's Funny Channel

Spud's Funny Channel Quick Look: Spud's Funny Channel is described as "Timeless Television Comedy for Roku". This channel offers a single livestream of classic TV shows. Viewers don't have a choice of videos, but you can skip the shows you don't like using your Roku remote's fast-forward button. "You Bet Your Life", hosted by Groucho Marx, "The Red Skelton Show", and "The Beverly Hillbillies" were all available when I visited the channel.

-- Information is current as of March 28, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Spud's Funny Channel brings you the best in classic comedy from four decades, drawing on an archive of over 25,000 movies, cartoons, and television episodes. Tune in now for humor, laughs, and fun!

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DEVELOPER: Timeless Television

FEES: None

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