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Sony Crackle Quick Look: Sony Crackle offers full-length movies, TV shows, music documentaries, anime and original programming. Although Crackle bills itself as catering to men ("Crackle specializes in hand picked movies, TV shows and original programming in guys’ favorite genres – like action, sci-fi, horror, crime and comedy."1), there is plenty of content here for women and kids as well.

Movies are listed under six genres: action, comedy, horror, crime, sci-fi, and thriller. The Crackle menu also includes "featured" categories for movies, TV, and originals, or you can scroll through all movies, all TV shows, all music, all originals, or all anime.

To get you started with some recommendations, Crackle offers preloaded watchlists, including the following:

  • Extraordinary Valor - "We're recognizing commando courage with movies that mesh power and pride with action-packed fight sequences." Titles include Game of Death (2011), Half Past Dead (2002), and Dirty (2005).
  • Road Trips - "Puts the pedal to the metal with some trips you'll never forget." Titles include The Gods Must Be Crazy (1981) and Motorama (1993).
  • Beautiful Assassins - "Take-down, face-kicking heroines." Titles include Montana (1998) and So Close (2003).

You can also create your own watchlists by adding videos to your queue from within the Roku channel. If you create a free online account at the Crackle website and then login to your account from within the Roku channel, your watchlist will be synced between devices.

-- Information is current as of November 17, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: FREE Movies on Demand: Uncut and Unedited. Crackle delivers full-length Hollywood movies and TV series in the genres you care about most: Action, comedy, crime, horror, thriller and sci-fi. More info:

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