Quick Look: SmartFoodie is primarily a collection of short informative videos discussing the benefits of many different foods and beverages, as well as foods and habits to avoid. The channel description boasts of having over 100 "organic" recipes, when in reality there are currently just 36 short videos demonstrating how to make simple dishes. The videos do provide a list of ingredients as well as demonstrations of how to prepare and cook each dish. Dishes include Vegetable Kebabs with Pilaf, Omelette with Basil Tomatoes and Beans and Sun Dried Tomatoes Spaghetti.

The primary collection of videos consist of short informative videos explaining the benefits of many foods and beverages including onions, lettuce, avocados, and bananas, and the importance of water in your diet. Conversely, there are videos telling you what foods to avoid, health concerns, habits to stop now, and "5 surprising health benefits of drinking beer."

Every video is preceded by a commercial.

The video below is very similar to the videos found on this channel.

-- Information is current as of September 23, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Our extensive and super-detailed e-cookbook will cater to the needs of the pickiest foodies, helping them create simple and filling meals every single day. Go fresh and organic – install SmartFoodie!
SmartFoodie is a user-friendly video app that suggests a bunch of creative recipes anyone can cook at home!
Hate cooking? It’s not a problem anymore! Thanks to SmartFoodie’s self-explanatory videos, you won’t be confused by directions and ingredients. Each recipe comes with a clear-cut guideline, so you can be sure the result will amaze you!
Our collection incorporates over 100 recipes promoting organic ingredients. If you are used to processed foods and hurry-scurry snacking, it is time to rethink your eating pattern, especially when there’s a healthy alternative.

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