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Quick Look: Smart Healthy Green Living is a platform for homeowners who want to reinvent their home, making it more eco-friendly. The channel offers 60 different series to assist you in your journey. Categories for these include:

  • The Makers - Shed to Workshop Conversion, Modern Builds, Outdoor Living and Room Renovations
  • Organic Gardening - Composting Basics, Green Dreams, First Time Gardener
  • A Tiny House World - Containing Luxury, Tiny Towns, Tiny Living
  • Smart Home - Steve Does, Smart Home Adventures and Smart Home Solver
  • Interior Design - My Soulful Home, Eternal Harvest and Brightness Builds
  • Landscape & Outdoors - Modern Outdoors, HAXMAN and Patio Makeover
  • Chibi Moku Documentaries - Eco Design, Climate Ribbon and Desert Architecture
  • Build the Dream - Austin Flippers, Kitchen & Bath Renovation and Back to the Studs

The video series offer a mix of professional installations detailing every step and DIY homeowners honing their craft in the backyard. Each series includes a varying number of seasons and episodes, with content that can help anyone live a little greener.

-- Information is current as of March 3, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: Smart Healthy Green Living is about creating a more sustainable home, garden, and life. Find everything from DIY furniture projects, organic gardening, green living, smart home tech and so much more.

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DEVELOPER: SHG Living Network, LLC

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