Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Screensavers

These screensavers will display photos, graphics, or unique designs on your TV while your Roku is idle.

Turn your display into active wall art when you are not using your Roku
A screensaver that displays cute cat photos with humorous captions
Screensaver displaying quotes from Shakespeare's plays
Screensaver displays quotations from Shakespeare's plays
HD video, paintings and photography turn your TV into art
Screensaver featuring images from NASA and fantasy space artwork
A screensaver that fills the screen with random colors or shades of gray
Free preview of the Blockwave Screensaver
An image of colored blocks scrolls across the screen
Ten unique variations on the traditional clock, along with current weather conditions
Screensaver displays a variety of tropical fish on a colorful coral reef, along with time and weather
Screensaver features floating yellow dots and optional time and date
Screensaver slideshow of Oregon beach photos
A variety of colored circles, floating around your screen
Screensaver app that displays photos of flowers
This screensaver is a moving graphic artwork, designed to relax and inspire you
Screensaver showing headlines from The Onion
A screensaver featuring beautiful relaxing colors that continuously change and flow
Old school analog flip clock screensaver