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Screensaver Channel Quick Look: The Screensaver Channel has 8 customizable screensavers. A majority of the screensavers are holiday-themed, and two that are aquariums.

  • The Marine Aquarium - Watch clownfish, lionfish, angelfish and more swim around the tank. You can change the quantities of the individual fish from 1 to 10, as well as the variety of the fish(there are over 15 varieties of angelfish to choose from), and alter the speed in which they swim. In addition to the fish you can control the light animation speed and the bubble frequency.
  • Fresh Water Aquarium - The Fresh Water acts the same as the Marine Aquarium except you have different fish to chose from like Tetra, Guppy, Rainbow fish, Cichlids, Zebra fish, Beta or others.
  • Halloween - This screensaver has an eerie backdrop with random black cats, ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons, witches, vampires, bats, and spiders falling out of the sky. You can control the size of the objects, quantity, and falling speed of the objects.
  • Thanksgiving - Set in a Fall backdrop with trees showing their Fall color and a large assortment of fruits and fall vegetables you have falling turkeys, pumpkins, Gourds, corn, green peppers, pilgrims, The Mayflower, and other things falling out of the sky. Like the others you can control the speed, quantity, and size of the objects.
  • Christmas - In what looks like a typical winter scene with a house and lights you have random things like Santa and his reindeer flying round, snowmen, stockings, elves, wreaths, falling out of the sky. You can control the size of the objects, quantity, and falling speed of the objects.
  • Valentine - On what looks like something from the astral plane for the background you have 2 white angel silhouettes with cupids, roses, chocolates, rings, and other things falling. You can control the size of the objects, quantity, and falling speed of the objects.
  • Snowing - You have what looks like a typical Christmas card as the background with a house, snowman, Christmas trees with lights and snowflakes falling. You can control the type of snowflake falling as well as the speed and quantity.
  • Matrix - With a black screen as a backdrop you have trails of random letters, numbers and symbols falling down the screen. They change color from blue to purple to white to red and so on. Like the others you control the speed, quantity, and color options.

As far as screensavers go they trend towards tacky; the aquarium setting looks OK, but the fish look fake, and having falling holiday themed items falling out of the sky... not the best option. The Snowing and the Matrix screensavers were the only ones in my opinion that did not look cheesy. The developers state that new screensavers will be added on a seasonal basis.

-- Information is current as of November 14, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: A channel full of different screensavers with new screensavers added timely. It has marine and freshwater aquarium, holiday theme screensavers for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine, etc. To set this channel as your screensaver, select Settings/Screensaver/Screensaver/Screensaver Channel.

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