Scratch and Sniff

Quick Look: "Scratch and Sniff" is a comedy web series that dares to ask the question, "Can a grown man share his home with a cat and dog without them driving him crazy?" The series is all original content created by Jeff Haas and features the antics of his irreverent pets Scratch the Cat and Sniff the Dog.

The channel currently offers a live stream and on-demand video of the same content (providing alternative viewing options) and a knock-off of MST3000 where they "critique" the movie House On Haunted Hill. The channel is ad-sponsored.

-- Information is current as of July 8, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Original animated comedy featuring the irreverent cat and dog duo, Scratch and Sniff. Enjoy animated sitcoms, cartoon shorts and other programming produced especially for our Roku channel.

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DEVELOPER: Jibber Jabber Studios

FEES: None

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