Rumble TV

Quick Look: Rumble TV is a live stream of YouTube-style videos from Rumble TV, a Glasgow-based video production company. If you visit this Roku channel, you will likely do so only once because every time you return to the channel you're treated to the same lineup of videos. The playlist starts with "Animals Doing Funny Things," which includes a cat chasing a laser and a dog sliding down stairs on its stomach, which is followed by "Talented Toddlers" (home videos of a swimming baby, a dancing baby, well - you get the idea), and "Captivating Wildlife" (a pelican in a deli, a bear trying to climb into a hammock, and so on).

The channel doesn't allow you to fast-forward through videos you saw on your last visit, so watch until you've had your fill and then remove it from your Roku.

-- Information is current as of December 14, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Get 24/7 streaming of the hottest viral and trending videos found on Rumble. Rumble is a video platform where over 150,000 creators contribute and share their videos for the maximum distribution and monetization.

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DEVELOPER: Rumble Inc.

FEES: None

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