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Roy on Rescue

Roy on Rescue

Quick Look: In this channel, host and paramedic Roy Shaw brings us a series of videos on health and safety. Over 60 titles are currently available on Roku, with topics such as what to do if someone passes out, whether to use abnominal thrusts or chest compressions on a choking person, dealing with diabetic emergencies, and how to prepare for a winter storm.

Most episodes are between five and ten minutes in length and they are produced as video blogs. This means that Roy sits in front of a camera and talks continuously for the duration of the video. There are no fancy graphics here, and no video clips to demonstrate the topics that Roy is presenting. However, Roy does have a pleasant personality and the information he provides is clear and interesting.

The Roy on Rescue channel isn't what most people would describe as entertainment, unless someone is entertained by a video titled "Vomiting, Diarrhea and Dehydration, Oh My!", but the videos do present useful information.

--RokuGuide Reviewed on September 13, 2011

Developer's Channel Description: This rescue show is hosted by Roy Shaw, CEO of and one of the Internet's most-watched instructors. Roy presents tips and tricks on staying safe and rescuing effectively, as well as investigating the philosophy behind the science of rescue.

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