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Roxwel Quick Look: Roxwel is a music platform that provides bands a place to be heard. The channel is comprised of some of today's hottest unsigned, independent and major-label artists.

You can choose Party Mode to create a random playlist in a number of genres-exclusive, rock, metal, or indie. The second choice is On Demand, which allows you to listen to what you want in their four musical categories. What's New is a tab that showcases the latest videos added to the channel. Live Stream plays randomly generated videos from any of the four genres in no specific order. You can also search the library to see if a specific artist or song is currently available. If you would like to create your own playlist that is also a possibility, you can favorite a video and add it to your personal list.

The channel asks you to register your account, although it is not necessary to listen to music that is easily accomplished by entering the code on the Roxwel website.

-- Information is current as of July 17, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Concert films and live performances. Rock, Metal, and Indie Music Videos. Live Music Rox.

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DEVELOPER: Blastro Networks

FEES: None

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