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Roku Newscaster used to be the primary source of news on Roku, but the channel is now a shell of what it once was. Some of the news networks have created their own Roku channels, while others have changed their videos to formats that are incompatible with the Roku. Still, there are news shows here that will be of interest to many Roku users, so Roku Newscaster isn't dead yet.

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Networks available on Roku Newscaster:

Fox - News and commentary from Fox News Channel and Fox News Radio. This is not the same as the standalone Fox News Channel, although you will find some overlap in shows. Click here for more information on Fox News on Roku Newscaster.Updated 11/24/2012
NBC - NBC content is now available through the standalone NBC News channel and is no longer availalbe on Roku Newscaster.
ABC - Audio-only podcasts of World News with Diane Sawyer, Nightline, and This Week with Christiane Amanpour. Updated 11/24/2012
CBS - Audio-only podcasts of 60 Minutes, Face the Nation, What's in the News, CBS Radio World News Roundup, CBS News Weekend Roundup, Harry Smith Reporting, and Not Just Another Story
CNN - Current shows are audio-only podcasts of CNN Radio News Day, Piers Morgan Tonight, Anderson Cooper 360, Fareed Zakaria GPS, CNN Radio Reports, State of the Union with Candy Crowley, and CNN Middle East. There are also archived audio broadcasts of the following shows that are not currently being updated: Money Matters (last update July 2012), CNN World News Update (not update since March 2012), In The Arena (last update August 2011), Anderson Cooper 360, Fareed Zakaria GPS, CNN Interviews (last update April 2012), American Sauce (series finale aired March 2012), Political Notebook (last update March 2012), CNN Africa (last update April 2012), Talk Asia (last update April 2012), Hollywood Hangover (series finale March 2012), Tech Check (last update April 2012), Ali V (last update January 2012), Quest Means Business (last update April 2012), and You Can't Make This Stuff Up (last update March 2012).
PBS - Audio-only podcasts of Tavis Smiley, PBS News Hour, and Nightly Business Report.
Al Jazeera - Live video stream of Al Jazeera English
NASA - Live NASA TV plus on-demand content
Current TV - Where you make the news and we put it on TV
ESPN - Sports news and commentary
CSPAN - CSPAN and other government related content
NPR - National Public Radio
PRI - Public Radio International
BBC - British Broadcast Corporation

Developer's Channel Description: News and information from around the web.


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