RokagramSORRY - This channel is no longer available in the Roku Channel Store.

Quick Look: Rokagram is an Instagram client for Roku. Link your Roku device to your Instagram account and you can easily view Instagram photos on your Roku-connected TV under the following categories:

  • Popular - Trending, Celebrities, and more
  • Local - Photos posted near the city specified in your Instagram account
  • Posts - Your own Instagram posts
  • Feed - Photos from all of the Instagram users that you follow
  • Liked - All Instagram photos that you "liked" using the Instagram app or website

A recent update to the "Popular" menu item adds the following subcategories:

  • Instagram - The official Instagram feed
  • Hashtag of the day - a feed that changes daily
  • Trendy - A feed of posts that are trending on Instagram
  • Famous - A feed of posts from celebrities that are active on Instagram
  • Beautiful - A feed of the best artists and photographers on Instagram

You can also search hashtags or users, and you can link additional accounts to the app.

Photos in each category, including search results, display from newest to oldest in slideshow fashion. When each image is displayed, it initially includes a caption with the Instagram poster's username, the number of likes, and time since the image was posted. Press The down arrow on your Roku remote while viewing a photo to "Like" the photo or to view information on the Instagram user who posted that photo. If you select the Instagram user, you can view all of the person's posts, follow/unfollow that user, and view the users followers and users followed by that user.

Rokagram includes an option for background music. Only one music channel is currently available, and it plays a Top 40 pop feed from Feed.FM. If you don't like Top 40 pop, onscreen instructions tell you how to turn it off.

A free trial is available by installing the Rokagram Free Trial private channel. More details and a link to add the free trial app can be found here.

For a channel that allows you to view Instagram feeds as a screensaver while your Roku is idle, check out the Nowhere Pix Roku channel.

-- Information is current as of March 22, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Instagram for Roku! Explore the interesting world of Instagram on the big screen. No Instagram account necessary to browse the best of Instagram. Link your account and do even more. For a free trial, visit

CHANNEL STORE CATEGORY: SORRY - This channel is no longer available in the Roku Channel Store.

DEVELOPER: Andy Waddell

$4.99 one-time purchase from the Roku Channel Store.
15-day free trial at

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