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Quick Look: The RobDyke channel is an odd mix of disturbing videos and comedy-based material. The channel is comprised of YouTube videos hosted by Rob Dyke where he looks at strange and disturbing news stories caught on film. Many of the videos have a warning about graphic content, so this channel may not be suitable for all ages.

The channel highlights popular videos from the YouTube series Seriously Strange, which consists of: Caught on Camera, Serial Killer Files, Social Autopsy, Twisted Tens and Why Would You Put That on the Internet, all of which can be found on the link below. The series is based on true and unsettling stories that have made the news at some point, with some of them still going unsolved.

The "comedy" portion of the channel are based on the lighter side of the news and observations made by the host.

The channel is heavily ad-sponsored with the videos running in succession. According to the developer new content will be added on a weekly basis.

Below is a sample video from the lighter side of the "Seriously Strange" YouTube channel.

-- Information is current as of March 14, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: My name is Rob Dyke and I work every day to bring my audience a fresh new perspective to online entertainment. My channel is unique, as it has TWO very different sides. I upload comedy as well as something scary two days a week. Be sure you're here for a taste of BOTH

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc

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