Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Religious Channels

These Roku channels deliver sermons from nationally-known preachers and ministries in addition to live and on-demand services from local churches. Also available is religious instruction from a wide range of faiths.

Christian television programs in several languages
Sermons from The Well Community Church in Fresno, California
Stories and sermons from Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas
The largest African-American religious network in the world
Sermons and independent original Christian programming ($)
Services from the Chapel, a community church located in Tarpon Springs, Florida
Services from The Crossing, an independent, non-denominational Christian Church in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa
Live streaming and video on demand from theDove TV (KDOV)
Services from Theway church in Smiths Station, Alabama
Watch seminary-level training...all at no cost!
A Chinese-language collection of teaching videos for people looking for seminary-level training
Services from Third Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama
Bible-based teachings from Reward Sibanda
Live religious services from the Thomas Ridge Church in Dunnville, Kentucky
Gospel messages, cultural programs, history, news, science, technology, interviews and documentary
Watch religious services from the Three Hearts Church located in New Caney, TX
Connect to a Thrive host for live church services
Services from the Throne of Grace Ministries in Irvine, California
Tamil Christian Gospel songs for youths and adults
A faith-based mental health program with in-depth discussions and practical solutions to real life problems