Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Religious Channels

These Roku channels deliver sermons from nationally-known preachers and ministries in addition to live and on-demand services from local churches. Also available is religious instruction from a wide range of faiths.

A multi-site church, impacting North Carolina, our nation and countries around the world
Radio station featuring Christian-themed hip hop, reggae, urban gospel, rock, and metal music
Services from The Ridge Community Church located in Greenfield, Wisconsin
Services from The River Church in Camas, Washington
Kingdom building by faith in God's word
Live stream of services from The Sanctuary in Augusta, Georgia
Live webcasts of science classes with a Biblical worldview
Encouraging messages from pastors and speakers worldwide
A faith-focused television talk show
This channel aims to bring forward the various facets of the Sikh religion to a larger audience worldwide
Spanish churches, speakers and motivational messages from across the country
The story of our God-given rights
Sample content from the subscription-based “The Story of Liberty" channel
Listen to the entire audio bible from start to finish
Sermons from The Summit Church in Little Rock, Conway, and Saline County, Arkansas
Religious talk show discussing the Bible and how it relates to today's society
Services from the University United Methodist Church in San Antonio, Texas
Past sermons from the Vineyard Fellowship
A video for each day of Hanukkah, featuring a lit menorah and the daily blessing, backed by a winter window scene and soothing music
A nationwide television network designed to educate viewers "to better comprehend and appreciate their rich Judeo-Christian legacy"