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Quick Look: Refinery29 is a "female-focused lifestyle" channel that offers videos in the following categories:

  • Documentary Series
  • World Wide Wed - Various wedding ceremonies
  • How Stuff is Made - Looks at the process of production
  • Comedy Series - Comedic skits and routines
  • Femme Ed - Educating women about themselves
  • Sports Series - Female Athletes
  • Shady - Looks at the dark side of beauty products
  • Strong Opinions Loosely Held - Open discussions about everyday things
  • Beauty Series -Elective and cosmetic augmentations
  • 60 Second Cities -See numerous cities around the world in 60 seconds
  • Anomaly - Women in atypical roles
  • Badass -Women excelling in male dominated activities
  • Behind the Headlines - Stories of perseverance
  • Bed it Like Becca - Meditation and Yoga
  • Game of Life - Female Athletes
  • How to Weep in Public - How to show your true emotions
  • LA Land - Stories of trying to break into the Hollywood scene
  • Macro Beauty - Cosmetic surgeries
  • Report Card - Discussions about sex, drugs and relationships
  • Shatterbox - Movie shorts and documentaries
  • Style Out There - Fashion trends
  • Truth Fairy - What things really mean
  • Womanhood - Discussions about being a woman

A promotional video for Refinery29 can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of December 14, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Refinery29 is a female-focused lifestyle destination bringing its audience inspiration to live their best lives. Our channel is dedicated to delivering style and substance. We are a catalyst for women to feel, see, and claim their power.

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