Red Card Rampage

Quick Look: Red Card Rampage is a game of skill and a little luck. The game plays very similar to Angry Birds except there are no pigs or birds, just vengeful soccer players.

The game starts out by prompting you to pick a national soccer team from countries like England, United States, Germany, Brazil,Italy, Spain, plus several others. (I did not notice any advantages from one team over another.) The object of the game is to knock the referee(s) out with a soccer ball while negotiating rough terrain and obstacles. On some levels you must initiate the assistance of your teammates to help you in your revenge. Your score is based on how many attempts it takes to eliminate the referee(s).

There are two game modes, Standard and Bonus. The Standard mode has 27 levels to unlock and the Bonus mode has 18 levels.

-- Information is current as of May 21, 2015

Developer's Channel Description:A fun physics puzzle with a soccer theme. Ever been annoyed by a referee decision? Well, this is your chance to take revenge!

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DEVELOPER: Syed Salman Qadri

FEES: One time purchase of $0.99