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RateRixNOTE: This channel has been removed from the Roku Channel Store and is no longer functional. A recent change by YouTube rendered this app non-functional and the developer has not revised the app to incorporate YouTube's new coding. RokuGuide has no further information on whether this channel will be updated.
RokuGuide Review: YouTube is one of the most-requested channels that does not yet exist on Roku. Until an official YouTube channel is launched, RateRix will help you get your fill of YouTube videos. While it doesn't have the full functionality of YouTube, it does offer several useful features, which are discussed below. What RateRix was really designed to do, though, is to recommend YouTube videos based on the videos that you've already viewed and liked.

Before going into any more detail, I need to offer a disclaimer. The RateRix channel and website have frequently been down or not working properly in the last few months. The RateRix website offers no contact or support links if you are not logged in. If you forget your username or password, you will have to re-register, as there is no mechanism to retrieve or reset a lost username or password. But if you want to watch YouTube videos, RateRix is your best option until the official YouTube channel launches.

RateRix is free, but you will need to register an account to take full advantage of all of the available options. If you elect to browse anonymously, you can still search for channels and videos by entering keywords, establish local playlists, and browse through 15 video categories. Within each category, you can browse by most popular, most viewed, top rated, most-frequently flagged as favorites, most-recently submitted to YouTube, most discussed, most responded to, and most-recently featured on YouTube. That sounds like a lot of videos to watch, but content is highly skewed toward animation and Justin Bieber videos.

To get the most out of RateRix, you will need to sign up for a free account and link your Roku to that account. Be warned, RateRix asks for a full name and birth date, then makes that information publicly available through your profile. After registering, open the verification e-mail, click on the verification link, then login and go to My Profile. Under the Appearance tab, uncheck the appropriate boxes to hide your e-mail address, name, and birth date from other users.

Next, load the Roku channel and go to the Login option. Go back to the RateRix website, login if you need to, and enter the code shown on your Roku into the box under the Integration tab of My Profile. Now back to the Roku - click on "validate code". It appears that you could login directly to the RateRix channel with your username and password, but I didn't try this option. Oddly, there is no option to unlink the Roku account from your RateRix account.

You're not done yet. Now you need to go back to your RateRix account on the Web. Go back to the Integration tab and enter your YouTube username and click the "apply" button. Exit from the RateRix channel on your Roku, go back into the channel, and you will prompted to login with your RateRix username and password.

Now that you've linked your Roku box to your RateRix account and to your YouTube account, you have another selection available to you on the Roku Channel: My Videos. From here you can watch the videos that you've uploaded to YouTube. Videos that you've marked as Favorite in YouTube should also be shown, but my list comes up empty even though I changed my privacy settings to allow my Favorites to be shown publicly. This may have something to do with not all videos being available through RateRix. I did a few searches for videos that are available on YouTube, but the search came up empty. For example, searching on the term "Meat Loaf" returns an empty search, even though Meat Loaf music videos are available on YouTube.

Going back to my opening paragraph, I stated that RateRix was really designed to recommend YouTube videos based on the videos that you've already viewed and liked. Someone please correct me if I've overlooked something important, but I don't see where that has been done. Liking a video on RateRix doesn't result in a list of recommended videos based on what you like. You can select "show related videos" from each video menu, but you don't have to "like" the video to do this. You don't even have to be logged in to do this, but you do have to log in to "like" a video.

RateRix Help (available only after you're logged into the Website) has the following statement: "First, you add the videos you like. Second, you pick for random videos. Well, not exactly random. RateRix is looking for people who thinking like you and deliver to you the videos they have added." However, the Random selection wasn't working when I tried it, even though I had "liked" several videos.

Even though RateRix doesn't seem to refine the video offerings or provide recommended videos based on individual viewing preferences, it does have nice features. I like being able to watch my own videos over the Roku, but I see no other reason to create an account or link the Roku box to RateRix. You can search videos, create local playlists, and find videos similar to the ones you're watching all through anonymous browsing.

If YouTube videos interest you, load up the RateRix channel and try it for yourself. Unless you installed the private YouTube channel before it was banned, it's one of your best options for viewing YouTube videos on the Roku.

Channel Store Category: Photos & Video

Developer's Channel Description: RateRix is looking for people whose preferences are similar to yours in order to advise to you the videos they like. All you have to do is to pick and rate them. From dozens of YouTube players, RateRix is the one using collaborative search approach.


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