POPRISM Web Browser

Quick Look: POPRISM is billed as an experimental browser that lets you "surf the web on your Roku." If you've been waiting for the day you could look at websites on your Roku, don't get excited just yet. This app is text-based; you won't see any images, there are no graphical user interfaces, Javascript won't run, and style sheets don't work. Browse to a website and you'll get mostly-unformatted text.

There is some promise if you find the right website for text-based content. Yahoo News is somewhat POPRISM-friendly, but the browser does not recognize line breaks, so long stories end up as one long paragraph, even though the story listing is okay, as the following screenshots show.

POPRISM Screenshot 1

POPRISM Screenshot 2

The POPRISM browser is an interesting for an experiment, but the average Roku user won't find it to be useful. If you do decide to give it a try, your Roku remote offers the following controls:

Up: Scroll up one line
Down/Ok: Scroll down one line
Left: Scroll up ten lines
Right: Scroll down ten lines
Back: Go to previous page
Return: Go to home screen where you can go to a different site

-- Information is current as of October 22, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Finally you can surf the web on your Roku device with this experimental browser!

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