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RokuGuide Review: What is Omniverse TV? According to their website, "OMNIVERSE TV aggregates programming, broadcast TV affiliates and other distribution platforms, primarily in the US. Offering content rights holders a national syndicated launch pad for 1st run and library programs, OMNIVERSE is becoming a consumer and affiliate platform of new, different, entertaining and engaging family friendly movies, series, national news casts and specials which can be licensed and redistributed by broadcasters throughout the US."

So what does that mean for Roku viewers? It means you have a single channel broadcasting a number of syndicated shows on a variety of topics. Unlike most Roku channels, Omniverse TV Live is a live video stream, meaning you don't get to pick what show you want to watch. Like traditional television programming, you only have access to whatever is currently being served up.

A weekly schedule is available on the Omniverse TV website. For the upcoming week, at least, programming is heavily weighted toward outdoor activities (titles include Hooked on the Fly, Birding Adventure, and Gone Hunting Safaris), travel (Extraordinary Vacations, Xtreme Tourist, Authentic Sicily, Caribbean Escapes) and home and garden (Bloomin in the Garden, Ranch and Resort TV, Chef's Kitchen). Unfortunately, the schedule doesn't do much good. When I started writing this review, the schedule listed Must See Racing, but Ranch and Resort TV was being shown instead. The racing show was to be followed by FIM Super Moto, but instead I have an infomercial announcer babbling on about Cindy Crawford's skincare secrets.

Video quality is low, only 2 out of 4 on the quality indicator. The picture is a grainy 4:3 (standard TV) aspect ratio and I'm guessing Omniverse is just sending out their web feed instead of a Roku-dedicated stream. That's too bad. Even though I would have to schedule my viewing around Omniverse's broadcast times, there are a few shows here that I would try to catch, if not for the poor video quality.

I'll leave Omniverse TV Live on my Roku channel lineup for a few days so that I can see if video quality is better for other shows, and to see if the website's schedule matches what's actually being shown (just in case there's a temporary glitch in the schedule/feed sync). If there's no improvement in both, I'll have to delete this channel to make room for better selections.

Developer's Channel Description: Omniverse TV provides television for everyone including Travel, Outdoors, Movies, Lifestyle, National News, Sports, and Kids.


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