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NTD Off the GreatWall

NTD Off the GreatWall Quick Look: The Off the Great Wall is self described as "We do funny edu-taining videos about China & Asia!" That short statement sums up a majority of the content found on this channel. There are numerous videos that poke fun at the Asian culture,and its many differences from the western world, all in good taste. The videos are separated out into the following categories:

  • Viral Videos-Viral videos found on YouTube
  • Asian Parents-Awkward Asian Parent Moments
  • Bizzare-14 things you won't find in mainland China
  • Comedy Sketch-Chopsticks vs Fork, First date Asian Girl, White Guy
  • Food Comedy-Things not to say when eating with Asians
  • Chinese Tales-China's Romeo and Juliet
  • Men-Women Comedy-Dating vs marriage, Pick up line fails
  • Parodies-If superheros were Asian, The stereotypical Asian Drama
  • Racial Sterotype Comedy-Questions All Asians hate

-- Information is current as of September 26, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Get your dose of "Off the Wall" comedy sketches and skits here!

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc

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