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MultiQs is a must-have app for anyone who watches Netflix on their Roku. As the app's name implies, it allows you to set up multiple instant watch queues, but it has an impressive number of additional features. From casual Netflix viewers to power users, everyone can benefit from MultiQs.

The most obvious reason to subscribe to the MultiQs app is to set up multiple Netflix queues. This is a must for multiple-viewer households where each person has his or her own lists of movies and TV shows that they wish to watch. Each person can set up their own queue within MultiQs, or you can set up queues by genre or any topic of your own choosing. Set up a "Kids" queue for children's shows, a "Music" queue for music documentaries, and a "DateNite" (names are limited to eight characters) queue for chick flicks. Each queue can even have its own ratings and genre filters to help in searching or browsing for movies to add to the queue.

The Admin menu allows you to create a new queue, delete an existing queue, change the ratings and genre filters, and lock or unlock a queue. Locking a queue prevents users from modifying the content of a queue, and prevents them from browsing or searching titles while in that queue. This is a useful feature for parents who want to control what their children are able to watch. Parents can set up a queue of videos for their children to watch.

In addition to providing multiple queues, MultiQs has some really useful features for finding movies and TV shows to add to your queues. Select Cool Lists to browse through Academy Best Picture winners and nominees, top-rated IMDB movies, and top-rated selections from Rotten Tomatoes. Cool Lists also includes a list of movies that will be removed from Netflix within the next week - this is a great way to look for titles you might otherwise be too late to watch. While browsing, the selections can be added directly to the queue which you are currently working in or to any other queue you have set up.

Other lists that can be browsed from within the queue menu include the 150 newest TV shows added to Netflix, the 150 newest movies, the 500 highest-rated TV shows, and the 500 highest-rated movies. You can also browse through 20 different genres, but the genres are further broken down into sub-genres. For example, you can browse all documentaries, or browse through any of the 13 documentary sub-genres, such as biographical, rockumentaries, religious, or travel & adventure. MultiQs will even suggest titles similar to others that you've rated from within MultiQs.

There are other cool features, like limiting your selections to HD, setting up shortcuts to video lists, and the ability to change the interface style. MultiQs is a great deal for only $4.99 per year, but don't take my word for it. MultiQs offers a very generous one-month fully functioning trial offer. The trial isn't a lite version that teases you with just a few options - this is the full app. If you use Netflix, try it out yourself and you'll probably agree that it's a must-have app.

Developer's Channel Description: MultiQs supercharges Netflix by providing you with multiple instant watch queues, password protection, content filtering, unique categories, and much more!


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$4.99 per year after free trial

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