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Quick Look: Make Ready is a series produced by Panteao focusing on survival tips and proper gun training from certified instructors. The channel is free to add and does offer some free content without registering. If you would like to subscribe to the channel it will set you back $165.00 annually or $19.95 per month. What you get with the membership is:

  • Unlimited access so that you can watch our videos when you want—as often as you want
  • Access to exclusive articles in the Survival Roundtable page
  • New titles added monthly to the growing library of instructional and documentary titles
  • View the videos either via your computer or mobile device
  • A 20% “Member Only” Discount on every Make Ready DVD on the Panteao Website
  • Exclusive discounts from manufacturers/ companies that Panteao works with

If you do not want to subscribe to the channel the available content is limited to "Free Pro Tips" and Season One episodes from "Make Ready TV". The Free Pro Tips are a collection of basic survival tips and gun training. The Make Ready TV offers segments on self defense and visits with gun and survival experts in the field.

A short trailer from the Panteao YouTube Channel is available below.

-- Information is current as of August 6, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: With Panteao’s Make Ready Series you learn from over 30 different instructors covering topics like handgun training, carbine and rifle training, shotgun training, long range precision shooting techniques, competitive shooting like IDPA and USPSA, armorer skills and gunsmithing techniques, combat medicine, knife fighting techniques, hunting, and personal defense in your home, on the street, and in your vehicle. Going beyond firearms training, Panteao also offers training in prepping and survival skills. Everything from short term prepping to long term events, bugging out, bug out gear and survival kits, and developing the mindset and survival skills that will help you survive most any crisis. Then there are the Panteao documentary videos. No other company offers this much training from so many instructors all in one place. Watch the Make Ready video trailers, instructor pro-tips, and Make Ready TV episodes for free. Panteao website subscribers can watch all the instructional and documentary videos available from Panteao online instantly on Roku. Watch our videos when you want, as often as you want with no downloading and no commercials. Regardless of your experience level, Panteao has training courses for you. Plus, we continue to introduce more training, more instructors, and other exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else.

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FEES: Channel is Free to add, Premium content requires $19.95 Monthly or $165.00 Annual Subscription

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