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Maija Free Quick Look: Maija DiGiorgio is a stand-up comedienne who founded Hollywood Outlaws, Inc., under which she writes, directs, and produces films and stage productions.1 This Roku channel is a promotional vehicle for Maija and Hollywood Outlaws. Videos include trailers for Hollywood Outlaw Movie and Famika vs. The Tea Party, several short comedy routines by Maija, and a few other short videos from Hollywood Outlaw Comedy Network. The following video, which is also available on this Roku channel, is typical of the content offered on Maija Free:

-- Information is current as of June 20, 2013

Developer's Channel Description:Watch comedienne Maija DiGiorgio build Hollywood Outlaws & revive her comedy career. Follow her as she performs across the country with your favorite comics and get a look into the hilarious and bizarre underbelly of the comedy world.

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DEVELOPER: Hollywood Outlaw Comedy Network

FEES: None

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