LogicQuick Look: Logic is a board game in which you try to determine the correct colors of four marbles in nine attempts. Start by moving left and right using your Roku remote to select a marble out of six different colors. Pressing the OK button will place that marble in the upper left corner of the board. Move left and right to select colors for the remaining three positions in the first column. You can also move up and down to place a marble in a different location, but you must remain within the column being played. You can select the same color more than once.

LogicAfter you've filled a four-space column, four red dots under that column will each turn green, red, or yellow. Each green dot signifies that one marble is the right color and in the right position. Yellow means that one marble is the right color but in the wrong position. Red means that one marble is the wrong color. Each dot does not related to a specific marble. For example, one green dot, two yellow dots, and one red dot means that you selected one correct color in the correct position, two correct colors in the wrong positions, and one wrong color. But the dots don't tell you which are marbles are correct colors or the correct positions.

LogicNow that you know how many correct colors, and how many correct colors in correct positions, you'll play in the same manner in the next column. You'll again be told the number of correct colors and the number of correct colors in the corret positions. You will need to use your skills of logic over several columns to deduce the correct colors and positions.

-- Information is current as of March 14, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: You get 9 chances to solve the hidden code in this addictive brain teaser. Use the clues and your logical problem-solving skills. 1 or 2 players.

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