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Quick Look Before reading any further, you need to know that the workouts on LiveExercise make heavy use of the Bodylastics resistance bands. The videos, however, are in no way infomercials for these bands. The workout instructors use the bands as they would any other piece of gym equipment. There may be some discussion of the Bodylastics bands, but you'll get real workouts and you won't feel like you're watching a sales pitch. If you think LiveExercise is for you, read the rest of the review, which is followed by more information on Bodylastics.

The LiveExercise Roku channel currently has hundreds of videos in nine different workout series. The numbers shown below are increasing as new shows are added.

  • Chiseled - A muscle-building workout with close to 400 videos focusing on different muscle groups. Workouts for Legs, back-shoulders, and chest-biceps-triceps are interspersed with power workouts.
  • Toning - Body toning workouts, with over 300 videos that focus on circuit training.
  • Chiseled Cario - A cardio workout that includes plenty of resistance training using the Bodylastics bands. Over 60 videos currently available.
  • Pilates - Eight Pilates workout videos, again including a lot of resistance training.
  • Tx2 - Subtitled Teen Workout, these 50-plus episodes look to me like they're appropriate for any age group.
  • Kickboxing - Sixty videos that incorporate kickboxing moves into a fitness workout.
  • Eight Pack - Workout those abs with close to 200 videos.

Shown as coming soon are video series for football training, mixed martial arts (MMA) training, baseball training, and yoga workouts.

These series can be found under the All Shows category, but the channel is also arranged to include the videos under the categories Muscle Building, Body Toning, Cardio, and (coming soon) Sports. There is a category for Current Live Show. If you're more motivated by watching a live show instead of a recorded video, check the LiveExercise schedule and follow along with a live show. The shows are all professionally produced with excellent sound and video quality. The instructors are pleasant and enjoyable. They carry on a good natured banter and, again, aren't doing a sales job for the Bodylastics system.

Back to the equipment - the Bodylastics resistance system is available through Amazon. Prices start at just under $30 for the Bodylastics 11-piece basic tension system. I can't speak from personal experience, but based on the reviews on Amazon, the basic set appears to offer enough resistance and enough pieces for most people.

The Bodylastics system is also available directly from Where ever you purchase the system, you may be interested in visiting the LiveExercise website, which has a social network that includes blogs and forum discussions.

Developer's Channel Description: offers "live" and On Demand workout shows almost every day of the week. Forget the guesswork, get great results by turning on a show and following along. Find amazing workouts for almost every goal, from Pilates to Football training. Join us!


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