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Kaplan College Prep

Kaplan College Prep

Quick Look: Kaplan is a large for-profit corporation that offers, among other things, test preparation courses and tutoring for college entrance exams. SAT prep courses range in price from $299 to $999, so don't expect Kaplan to be giving away much on a free Roku channel. However, for those who want an overview of how to approach the various part of the SAT, ACT, and PSAT exams, there is some potentially useful information here.

The Kaplan Roku channel provides several short videos giving tips on taking the college entrance exams. Math, science, reading, and writing categories cover topics such as how to write an essay and how to solve a logarithm.

Developer's Channel Description: Welcome to Kaplan Test Prep's PSAT, SAT, & ACT Channel where you can find strategy videos to help you score higher on Test Day. For complete access to these videos and practice questions, visit

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