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The Jay at Maverick's

The Jay at Maverick's


The Jay at Maverick's Big Wave Invitational 2010-2011 is an invitation-only surfing competition being held between December 1, 2010, and February 28, 2011. The competition takes place at a location known as Maverick's, which is located north of Half Moon Bay, California. The participants are 24 of the world's best big-wave riders and include well-known names such as Kelly Slater.

Five content categories are available on this Roku channel:

Live - As you would expect, selection is available only while contest events are taking place.

Surf - This is a 4-minute trailer featuring big-wave competitors, including Shawn Dollar, Greg Long, and Zack Wormhoudt, commenting on the waves at Mavericks. Commentary is interspersed with some good surfing video.

Talk - Individual videos include many of the competitors providing sound bites with their thoughts on surfing at Mavericks and participating in Jays. These are some seriously short videos, though. With most of the videos being only 10 to 15 seconds long, Jamie Sterling seems long-winded at 32 seconds.

Extras - Four videos, each about a minute in length, with background information on Mavericks and the competition.

Mavericks 12 - A three-minute slideshow of Jay at Maverick's ceremonies.

Additional videos and information on the The Jay at Maverick's, it's history, and the surfers is available on the competition's website.

Developer's Channel Description: Get a front row seat to The Jay at Maverick's Big Wave Invitational 2011 where 24 of the world's bet big-wave surfers will take on Maverick's - often described as the "Mount Everest of Surfing" - as well as exclusive commentary from the competitors.

DEVELOPER: Float Left Interactive

FEES: None


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